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[sale] Kanjani 8 ~ Summer Tour 2008 Clearfile (Osaka) -- Shingo

Kanjani 8 ~ Summer Tour 2008 Clearfile (Osaka) -- Shingo

[K8 Summer 2008] Clearfile (Osaka version) -- Shingo
Price: 12 USD

Delivery is not included yet.
Payment method is paypal.

Please follow the link to the original sale post at my LJ~

[sale] K8 Summer Tour Concert Clearfile (Osaka) -- Shingo

There are some more JE's stuff over at my LJ as well.
Check out the link below,

[sale] Papa Photo: Tegomass no Ai Concert
[sale] NYC Boys and Hey! Say! JUMP JE's Official Goods
[sale] Japanese CDs and DVDs :: JE's
- [single] Tackey & Tsubasa :: Venus [Regular Edition, Jacket C]
- [single] Tackey & Tsubasa :: Ho! Summer [Limited Edition, Jacket B]
- [single] Tackey :: Sha La La / Mugen no Hane [Limited Edition with DVD]
- [single] NEWS :: Weeeek [Regular Edition] ++ free NEWS LAWSON leaflet
- [album] KAT-TUN :: Queen of Pirates III [Regular Edition] ++ free KT Clipping
- [single] KAT-TUN :: Rescue [Regular Edition, First Press]
- [single] GOLF & MIKE :: Nippon Ai ni Iku yo
- [album] GOLF & MIKE :: Rin Rin [Limited Edition with DVD]
- [album] GOLF & MIKE :: Rin Rin [Regular Edition]

PS. Thanks for the space~
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