[sale] Kanjani 8 ~ Summer Tour 2008 Clearfile (Osaka) -- Shingo

Kanjani 8 ~ Summer Tour 2008 Clearfile (Osaka) -- Shingo

[K8 Summer 2008] Clearfile (Osaka version) -- Shingo
Price: 12 USD

Delivery is not included yet.
Payment method is paypal.

Please follow the link to the original sale post at my LJ~

[sale] K8 Summer Tour Concert Clearfile (Osaka) -- Shingo

There are some more JE's stuff over at my LJ as well.
Check out the link below,

[sale] Papa Photo: Tegomass no Ai Concert
[sale] NYC Boys and Hey! Say! JUMP JE's Official Goods
[sale] Japanese CDs and DVDs :: JE's
- [single] Tackey & Tsubasa :: Venus [Regular Edition, Jacket C]
- [single] Tackey & Tsubasa :: Ho! Summer [Limited Edition, Jacket B]
- [single] Tackey :: Sha La La / Mugen no Hane [Limited Edition with DVD]
- [single] NEWS :: Weeeek [Regular Edition] ++ free NEWS LAWSON leaflet
- [album] KAT-TUN :: Queen of Pirates III [Regular Edition] ++ free KT Clipping
- [single] KAT-TUN :: Rescue [Regular Edition, First Press]
- [single] GOLF & MIKE :: Nippon Ai ni Iku yo
- [album] GOLF & MIKE :: Rin Rin [Limited Edition with DVD]
- [album] GOLF & MIKE :: Rin Rin [Regular Edition]

PS. Thanks for the space~
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Hello everyone I'm writing because I've started a comm. It's been a while since I've started just reposting about it.   http://community.livejournal.com/tenimyu_je/profile    If you have any questions feel free to message me. And to the mod,if this is not allowed I apologize.
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[Selling] Pinups/Posters, Clippings, DVDs, and more!

Hello all,

We're selling some pinups and clippings of various JE members/groups, including some sizzling hot Kanjani8 merchandise, at our sales journal HERE!

Also in this sales post is a heck of a lot of Junior merchandise, including Kis-My-ft2, A.B.C./A.B.C-Z, BAD & BOYS, OSSaN, Kansai juniors, etc. etc., most at only $0.25 per page! Please come and take a look!

X-posted like an x-posted thing, sorry!

[sale] J-web Photo Sets

To all JE's fans out there!!!!
I have J-web photo sets for sale over at my LJ.
Each set contains 4 photos.
Here is the list and links to each post...^^...

[sale] J-web Photo Set: Kanjani 8 ~ Off-shot Spring 2008 Tour Concert Pamphlet
[sale] J-web Photo Set: Kanjani 8 ~ Live Spring Tour Concert 2008
[sale] J-web Photo Set: Kanjani 8 ~ Live Summer Tour 2008 at Tokyo Dome
[sale] J-web Photo Set: Kanjani 8 ~ Off-shot Summer Tour 2008 Pamphlet

Check it out!

PS. Thanks for the space~

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[sharing] Kanjani 8 J-web Translation

** Please let me know if this is not allowed.

Hi! Hi!
I just stop by to update something (which may not be new here as I already saw some post about it).
I have started J-web translation over at my LJ.
I got the resources from www.kenboard.com, therefore the credit for this will go to this board.
My Japanese is zero, so I will translate these J-web based on the entries on this board which is in Thai.
There are 2 posts for Kanjani 8's (Touch! eco and a few when Ryo and Okura talked about "Wahaha").
You will see that there are not much of K8 yet and those 2 posts might be kind of old, 
but I will try my best to translate all and catch up with the up-to-date..^^..

Please come and visit when you have time..^^..

Hope to see everyone there..^^..

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who is your favourite JE kawaii chibi?

Hi Minna ,

</a></b></a>skyshingo and I are curious about what all you fangirls out there think!

so we decided to come up with a KAWAII CHIBI RANKING!!!!

a total of 10 random JE boys are spotted to be super kawaii when they were younger.  and we need YOUR OPINION to determine who is the Cutest JE baby of all time!!

Please, help us with this short little survey. onegai!


thanks alot!

gomen. x-posted!